Rabun Remodel, Inc.

Jim Bogle: 706-982-9114

Email: rabunremodel@gmail.com

Webpage: www.rabunremodel.com 


Rabun County Board of Commissioners

​Building & Grounds Supervisor

Erik Blalock: 706-782-5271 or 706-490-1555

Email: eblalock@rabuncounty.ga.gov 

McCracken Builders, Inc.

John McCracken: 706-782-6991 or 706-490-1976

Email: mccrackenbuildersinc@gmail.com  


Larry Horton LTD

Larry Horton: 706-782-6735

Email: hortonltd@windstream.net


Clay Contracting

Chris Clay: 706-212-0369

Email: clay_chris@yahoo.com

Webpage: www.claycontracting.com

C.H. Builders Inc.

Andrew Hunt: 706-982-1700

Email: andrew@chbuildersga.com

Austin & Butler Builders, Inc.

Jeff Butler: 706-782-9294 or 706-490-1360

Email: jeff_butler@windstream.net

or debrabutler@windstream.net

Rabun County Habitat for Humanity

Marcus Booker: 706-782-9203

Email: danmcafee66@gmail.com  

Wood Brothers, Inc.

Barry Wood: 706-782-5689

Email: abarrywood@gmail.com

Webpage: www.woodbrothers.org


Kilby Construction, Inc.

Jerry Kilby: 706-746-2459

Email: salk@windstream.net


Combs & Son Construction, Inc.

Jimmy Combs: 706-781-5746

Email: combsandsons@yahoo.com

Bill Griffin Construction, Inc.

Bill Griffin: 706-982-0259

Email: wng@windstream.net

York Builders

Tommy York: 706-782-7422

Email: twyork@windstream.net


The Dernehl Co.

Bob Dernehl: 706-970-0176

Email: bob@dernehlcompany.com

 Webpage: www.dernehlcompany.com  

JMS & Associates

Jim Suddes: 706-782-9807 or 404-219-5600

Email: jimsuddes@gmail.com


David Dickerson Builders, LLC

David Dickerson: 706-782-6366 or 706-490-3953

Email: ddickersonbldrsllc@yahoo.com

Calvin Collins Construction, Inc.

Calvin Collins: 706-745-8498

Email: cccinc@windstream.net

Webpage: www.CalvinCollinsConstructionInc.com

Covenant Homes, Inc.

Scott Williams: 706-968-4833 or 727-226-4410

Email: swilliams@covenantcom.net

​Webpage: mycovenanthomes.com

GVickers Enterprises, Inc.

Gregory Vickers: 404-427-1140

Email: greg@gvickers.com 

Webpage: www.gvickers.com

Rabun Builders, Inc.

Kurt Cannon: 706-490-1490

Email: rbi@rabunbuilders.com

Webpage: www.rabunbuilders.com  


Faletti, Inc.

Paul Faletti: 404-234-7987

Email: pfaletti@bellsouth.net

Webpage: www.rockfordfarm.com

Charles Moore Builders, Inc.

Chuck Moore: 706-782-7543 or 706-490-2098

Email: cmconst@windstream.net

Larry Gipson Construction

Larry Gipson: 706-782-2448

Brown Haven Homes

John Allen or Terry Smith 706-970-2456

Email: info@brownhavenhomes.com


R & B Concrete Company, Inc.

Rick Buchanan: 706-782-5710 or 706-490-2626

Email: rickbuchananconstr@windstream.net


Dennis Thompson Construction Co, Inc.

Jamie Thompson: 706-782-8354 or 706-490-0064

Email: dtcci@windstream.net

Webpage: www.lakemontdrydock.com

​builder members

Morgan Fazzary Fine Homes &

Custom Interiors, LLC

Morgan Fazzary: 706-308-3557

    Email: morganfazzary@gmail.com  

Webpage: www.MorganFazzaryFineHomes.com   


Jeff Eller Construction

Jeff Eller: 706-490-2683

Email: jeffellerconst@yahoo.com





Bear Gap Construction, Inc.

Chrissy Laws: 706-968-0775

Email: chrissy@lawsrealty.com

Webpage: www.beargap.build

Dresser & Associates

Jay Dresser: 706-782-0072 or 706-490-2742

Email: dresser@windstream.net